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Product Sourcing

Product sourcing is the process by which a business attains stock to sell. To find marketable inventory for your online store, you can explore manufacturers, wholesalers, artisans and other types of creators and businesses who produce merch for sale.


Quality Inspection

A quality inspection involves measuring, examining, testing, or gauging various characteristics of a product and comparing those results with specified requirements to determine whether there is a conformity. Quality Control (QC) is critical to build and deliver products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. There are three types of quality inspections:
Preproduction Inspection. During the preproduction phase, raw materials need to be tested before entering production.
In-line Inspection. Additional inspections should take place during various stages of the manufacturing process.
Final Inspection.


Print on Demand-SUP DROPCUSTOM

Creating custom products on demand Print-on-demand (or POD) is an order fulfillment method where items are printed as soon as an order is made, often, and in Printful’s case—without order minimums. With POD, you can create customized designs for a variety of products and sell them under your brand. Your print-on-demand drop shipping delivery time is based on fulfillment time + shipping time. Printful automatically sends your orders to the nearest fulfillment center where the items are produced in 2–5 business days.


Logo Engraving & Custom Packaging

The art of forming designs by cutting, corrosion by acids, a photographic process, etc., on the surface of a metal plate, block of wood, or the like, for or as for the purpose of taking off impressions or prints of the design so formed. the design engraved.


Product Photography

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Lifestyle Shooting.
360 product photography